difference between all-season & summer tires?

What’s the difference between all-season & summer tires?

Making the right choice of tires is a very important part as they play a very essential role in the safety of your life while you travel. Choose your tires according to the region you live in whether it is a cold region, a hot region or all-season region. At this article we will talk about difference between seasonal and summer tires.

If you live in a four-season region then all-season tires are best suited for you, the main difference between the summer season and all seasons tires is in their treads. All-season tires have deeper treads than summer tires. They are hybrid between the summer tires and winter tires suitable and adaptable in both the condition. They are more suitable for average driving. These tires are long-lasting than summer tires but they would not be quick to react in high-speed situations. All-season tires engineering’s main focus is convenience, durability, and adaptability. They are made with a fixable compound that gives enough grip in light snow and hot weather. While preparing to give a decent amount of grip during winter, the all-season tires will not provide the same amount of control in summer as the summer tires will. And does not perform as well as winter tires in winter either. So you can say that they are all-rounder but are not the master   

Summer tires on the other hand are made to give high performance. They are made up of soft rubber and tread design on the tires is made especially so that they have fewer grooves and high grip in common summer conditions although these tires are not long-lasting and they are not very suitable for any other weather, they have a high level of response capacity when driving at high speeds. While not good for handling icy roads the tread design on most summer tires is made to avoid hydroplaning on wet roads. Although their performance in warm weather is good, once the temperature drops the rubber of summer tires harden, and in winter the treads tend to get chipped. They lose their grip in winter weather there is ice or snow on the road or not, below 45 degrees their performance decreases and they are unsafe in winter to put simply  

In summer tires tread design mainly shows shallower, straighter grooves than on all seasons tires, the summer tires are solid and more rubber touches the surface of the road it provides more stability during cornering, stopping and acceleration.


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