How to change a flat tire?

Every driver has to deal with a flat tire once in a while, they can become a real headache if you don’t know how to change a flat tire. So here are some simple steps to change your flat tire.

Find a safe place 

The first and foremost important thing is to find a safe spot to park your car, the car should not be on an inclined surface or it will roll-off, so find a flat surface first and block the tires with a brick or metal from the opposite end of the car 

how to change flat tire

The spare tire and the jack 

Find a spare tire and a jack. Place your jack under the edge of the car, but before proceeding to the next step make sure your car is at” park”. 

Wheel lug nuts 

A tire iron is used to loosen the lug nuts of a car. Find the right end to fit lug nuts on your car. Make sure the flat tire is on the floor when you are losing the nuts.

Turn your tire iron counterclockwise, it takes a lot of energy and force to lose you lug nuts, you can use your body weight for the force, but be very careful as by using too much force you can damage or scratch them decreasing their finished look 

Jack up the car

Place your jack at the edge of the car and raise your car till the flat tire is completely off the ground. Usually, the jack is a screw scissor jack which has a handle so you simply have to turn the knob to raise it to a height for where you can change your flat tire easily

Removing the flat tire

Take the lug nuts off completely by using your hands and place them in someplace safe. Hold it tight by both hands and pull it towards yourself. It should slide off the easy, but sometime when it is rusted, it will take a little more effort.

Place the spare tire into the hub 

Tires are heavily weighted so it can be hard to lift and place them in the right place, a simple tip might help you in this, try balancing the tire on your foot when placing it on the hub. After you have hung the tire on the hub place the lug nuts back on, start tightening them by your hands first then use the tire iron to finish. Make sure the wheel is tightened and fits properly 

Lower the car 

Carefully lower the jack and lower the car back to the ground and remove the jack. Now the last step is to tighten the lugs completely. Place the wheel cover back and put the flat tire back from where you took the spare tire. And the job is done

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